Best Gingerbread House Fails


Building a gingerbread house is a tradition when it comes to the holidays. But the reality is… what you think your gingerbread house will end up looking like, is never what your gingerbread house ends up looking like.

Did you know that you can order a Gingerbread House Kit to build and decorate at Santa Baby any Monday-Thursday? We want you to put your skills to the test and not end up on our Gingerbread House Fail blog next year.

Take a look at these gingerbread house fails to get some inspiration on what not to do this year.



‘Nuff said.


When the frosting just isn’t cutting it…

Via /    Tumblr

Via / Tumblr


The sad reality of the gingerbread world.

Something terrible has happened.

We’re not sure how this even happens….

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Via /

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

…And where they usually end up.